International Conference in Kiel on 4 November 2016

Conference "Legal Aspects of the Current Migration Crisis: Views from Eastern Europe", 4 Nov. 2016


The Conference "Legal Aspect of the Current Migration Crisis: Views from Eastern Europe" has been carried-through successfuilly, ending with a joint declaration by the participants. Information about the Conference will remain online for a limited time.


Organizers: Institute of East European Law (Institut für Osteuropäisches Recht) of Kiel University

In cooperation with:

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Support: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Target group: Scientists (law, politics and economics) and students (law, politics and economics).

Conference Time: Friday, 4 November 2016.

Conference location: Kiel, Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) of Kiel University, Kiellinie 5.

Conference language: English.

Conference fee: 50,-- € (5,-- € for students and professors/assistants of Kiel University – includes coffee-breaks and materials; free for members of DGO and Verein Ostrecht Kiel e.V.).


The present mass migration into Europe, after reaching a peak in 2015, has caused great concerns in many European countries. A polarization of political views can be observed both within some European countries (ranging from „welcome culture“ to fundamental opposition against migration) and between some countries. The polarization is such that it could even endanger the future of the European Union. In particular, some countries in Central and Eastern Europe have vehemently opposed any significant distribution of migrants (refugees) into their territories and instead plead for a strict control of the outside borders of the EU.

Mass migration causes challenges in all spheres of the society. It is also a legal challenge, both on the national and on the European and international level.

In the last few months, legal aspects of migration have been discussed in many fora, political and academic. However, the views of East European countries, whose governments are often criticized severely in German politics and media for their restrictive positions, are mostly looked-at only from outside.

The incoming conference on 4 November 2016, organized by the Institute of East European Law of Kiel University, will be the first academic conference giving a particular forum for representatives of some countries from Central and Eastern (or South Eastern) Europe.

The purpose of the Conference is to gain direct information and discuss about the views in Eastern Europe on how to cope with the migration crisis from a legal perspective.




Prof. Dr. ÁdányTamás

Dr. Marcel Kau

Dr. Alexander Salenko

Prof. Dr. Nenad Markovikj

Prof. Dr. Wojciech Piątek

Dr. Jan Olszanowski


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